Our May Day Message to Worker’s Liberty and IRMT

There are a lot of reasons for workers and toilers of the world to express their anger. The disgusting face of capitalism with its unrestricted greed for more profit sucking the blood of workers and toilers is much more visible now as it is in a deep system crisis. Throughout the whole world, capital wages an all-out offensive against historical gains of the world working class. Working conditions and living conditions of the working classes are getting worse and worse. Hunger, poverty, unemployment, inequality have reached unprecedented levels.

On the other hand, nothing manifests the system crisis of capitalism better than the process of imperialist wars that have already started. Imperialists are rabidly scrambling among themselves for a re-division of the world. But workers and toilers are the ones who suffer from this scramble. They are killed and maimed. Their lands are turned into deserts and ashes.

The threat of destruction posed by capitalism arouses the crying need for a world without wars and exploitation, that is, socialism. Our struggle rises as an answer to this cry. And May Day is an opportunity for us to enthusiastically express our anger against capitalist system and aspiration for a socialist world.

With these revolutionary feelings we celebrate your May Day and wish you success in your struggle.

Long live May Day, international struggle day of the working class!

Long live socialism!

Marksist Tutum