May Day Message from IRMT to Marksist Tutum

گرايش مارکسيست‌های انقلابی ايران

To the comrades of Marksist Tutum

Dear comrades

The bourgeoisie now claims that the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression is coming to an end. Whether this happens in the next few months or not, the deep impact of the crisis – and how the capitalists escaped it - will be felt for many years and it will affect the struggles of the future. Three of the important features we have seen across the world are: the further pauperisation of the working class, the proletarisation of millions of middle class people, and the undermining of bourgeois democracy by the capitalist class itself! As ever, the bourgeoisie adopts desperate measures to save itself in the short term – only to create a deeper crisis later. Each of these features will draw many more millions into the struggle for socialism and also radicalise their demands and determination.

The Ukraine crisis, coming just a few months before the centenary of the First Imperialist World War, has shown us that many features of a hundred years ago still exist in our ‘modern’ and ‘hi-tech’ world. More importantly, while the spotlight has been on Ukraine and Russia’s decrepit imperialism, a more dangerous rivalry is developing in the Pacific - between US imperialism (and its ‘allies’) and Chinese imperialism (which is set to overtake American capitalism by the end of the year).

The only way to combat the ever reactionary essence of capitalism and the imperialist drive towards war is to rebuild a Bolshevik-Leninist international. Only by learning the lessons of past struggles and fusing them with today’s struggles can the preparatory work for building an international like the early Comintern be accomplished.

We send you this May Day greeting in the hope that together we can play an important role in accomplishing this great and vital task.

With Bolshevik-Leninist greetings

Iranian Revolutionary Marxists' Tendency