Marxist Attitude On the Question of European Union

Elif Çağlı

12 April 2003


“The United States of Europe”?

A dream of capitalists: “United States of Europe”

Kautsky and the “United States of Europe”

Rosa and the “United States of Europe”

Lenin and the “United States of Europe”

Trotsky and the “United States of Europe”

European Union in Reality

Imperialist unions cannot be permanent

America’s rivalry has given rise to the European Union

From EEC to EU

EU is a contradictory union

Turkey's uncertain EU journey

The fate of European Union is uncertain

True Character of European Union Must Be Exposed

EU and the delusion of peaceful capitalist development

EU and the dream of a stable democracy

Petty-bourgeois opposition is a dead end

The debate on accession to the EU is an internal question of the bourgeoisie

Bourgeois alternatives cannot be the solution!

The solution lies in the revolutionary struggle of the working class