Mount the Solidarity with the Kurdish People Against ISIS and Its Sponsors!

Kobane is under intense military onslaught and keeps on resisting for one month. ISIS forces have managed to enter the town and clashes get more intensified. People living in Kobane are under threat of mass slaughter as imperialist powers stand by. While they carry out ineffective air strikes Turkey is simply rubbing its hands and waiting for the fall of Kobane.

The AKP government keeps on saying “nobody should expect us doing arms aid or opening a corridor for the PKK.” While they say “the solution process” is in progress “without trouble,” they equate the PKK with ISIS, declaring it as the enemy, although it is carrying out peace talks with it and say “if PYD wants arms it should join Free Syrian Army and through it get arms from the West”, “let PYD dissolve autonomous government and cantonal practices, and fight Assad”, “Assad is the main threat to be given priority”. These kinds of statements mean trying Kurdish people’s patience.

The AKP tries to clear the way for its plans of reshaping the region in its own imperialist ambitions by eliminating the autonomous government in Rojava and Assad regime. It capitalises on the seriousness of the situation in Kobane and pushes the USA and the UN to give priority to considering a “safe zone” and a “no-fly zone” against Assad.

However the Kurdish people do not keep silent vis-à-vis Turkey’s gloating attitude towards Kobane’s possible fall despite the AKP’s tactics of holding up and lull them. They took to the streets across Turkey and react to the dirty policy of the AKP government. And what the government is doing is to suppress these rightful protests with rabid police attacks and martial law measures. The police violence and fascist attacks went rampant following the intimidating statements of the interior minister resulting in 34 deaths and many injured. As a result of massive protests that kept rising all over Turkey despite the provocations and attacks of the AKP, MHP and Turkish Hezbollah gangs (which has nothing to do with the Hezbollah in Iran and Lebanon with deep links to Turkish intelligence services), the government declared curfew in many cities and town such as Diyarbakir, Batman, 7 counties of Mardin, Erciş, and Kurtulan. It also suspended education in primary and secondary schools in Diyarbakir. But support towards and solidarity with Rojava, and protests against the government that sponsors ISIS have continued.

HDK and HDP have made a call for support and solidarity with the resisting people of Kobane and all forces of democracy and peace in Turkey offer their support. While protests are going on in various forms, KESK (Confederation of Public Employees Unions), DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions), TTB (Turkish Physicians Union) and TMMOB (Union of Engineers and Architects of Turkey) made a call for one-day strike on 9 October. And Eğitim-Sen (Union of Education and Science Workers, being also a KESK affiliate) extended it to two days for 8 and 9 October.

Mount solidarity with the Kurdish people to make their rightful demands be met at once and defeat ISIS!

Stop all aids to ISIS!

Open a corridor of passage for all kinds of aids including those for self-defence of the resisting people of Kobane!

Recognise the cantonal status of Rojava administration!