Soma Mine Disaster: IRMT’s Message to Marksist Tutum

IRMT’s message of sympathy and condolences to Marksist Tutum on the Soma mine disaster in Turkey

To the comrades of Marksist Tutum

Dear comrades

The Soma mine explosion was an ‘accident’ waiting to happen. As you know, this tragic event is a direct result of Turkish capitalists’ drive to maximise their profits at the expense of Turkish workers’ living standards, working conditions and now even their lives.

The three days of national mourning announced by the AKP government cannot hide its direct role and responsibility for the many thousands of workplace deaths and injuries every year. After more than a decade in government Erdogan and the AKP have clearly shown that they are as anti-working class as the CHP and the generals. In 2010, after 30 people died in a mining disaster in Zonguldak, Erdogan said: “Unfortunately, this profession has this in its destiny.” In the past two days he has even had to refer to mining accidents in 19th century Britain to justify the death of the 282 miners in Soma! Clearly all sections of the Turkish bourgeoisie are morally and ideologically bankrupt and have be swept aside by workers.

Unfortunately the Turkish trade unions have not taken the issue of industrial accidents seriously enough: the one-day strike announced is a belated reaction to stop criticism from rank-and-file workers. It will not change fundamentally the bourgeoisie’s attitude or the day-to-day dangerous practices of capitalist exploitation. Only a sustained campaign, building on the work of the “Work Accidents are not destiny, Stop Workers Dying of Work Accidents” campaign, can improve the situation.

We send the families of the Soma miners our sympathy and condolences and hope that this heart-breaking tragedy is the last time that Erdogan – or any other politician – can mock grieving working class families by talking about “destiny”.

Industrial accidents are not destiny!

 Long live the international unity and struggle of the working class!

Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency