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The Cards are Re-shuffled in the Middle East Kerem Dağlı January 2014
The Class Character of “Gezi” Movement, Illusions and Bourgeois Polarisation Zeynep Güneş 23 June 2013
The debate on “long waves” Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Imperialist War of Division Continues Elif Çağlı 11 May 2003
The International Unites the Human Race Elif Çağlı 3 December 2004
The Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Long-Term Curve of Capitalist Development Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Mass Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa: Leaving the First Phase Behind Levent Toprak 1 March 2011
The Nation-State Marksist Tutum September 1994
The new period Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Question of International Elif Çağlı 29 July 2012
The Realities Behind the Attacks in Istanbul Elif Çağlı 29 November 2003
The Relationship Between Crisis and Revolution Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Rights and Wrongs Elif Çağlı 27 May 2015
The Role of Credit Mechanism in Exacerbating the Crisis Elif Çağlı 2 November 2003
The Viewpoint of the Proletariat on Defence of National Culture Marksist Tutum September 1994
Third World War Theses and Elif Çağlı Serhat Koldaş 2 December 2015
True Character of European Union must be Exposed Elif Çağlı 12 April 2003
Turkey Downed Russian Fighter Jet: War Goes Deeper Marksist Tutum 26 November 2015
Turkey: Attacks on Kurdish Movement Marksist Tutum 10 November 2011
Turkey: Revolt against Capitalist Plunder and Police Terror Marksist Tutum 7 June 2013
Turkish State Killed 36 Kurdish Civilians in an Air Strike Marksist Tutum 30 December 2011
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