Globalisation: Combined and Uneven Capitalist Development

Elif Çağlı

2 June 2005

In recent years, a great deal has been written and said about globalisation. The imperialist powers even derived an ideology which is expressed with this concept, and which corresponds to their worldwide interests. To such an extent that, everything is being explained via this concept: Global economy, global interests, global terror, global assault, global defence, global hazards etc. Under conditions that the socialist movement is at the bottom and the bourgeois ideology has gained strength, the concept of globalisation has been almost declared as the motto of the twenty-first century. The liberal and reformist left circles that tailed after the bourgeois ideology theorised the fact of globalisation in accordance with the interests of the bourgeoisie. Globalisation has been and is being presented decorated with pompous labels like “post-capitalist society” or “information society” as if it were a magic potion that would eternalize the capitalist mode of production.



Reality and ideology

Capitalism is a global economic system

Need for expansion to outside markets

Growing problems

Stagnation and accumulation tendency

The law of combined and uneven development

İnequality in inequality

Inequaliy in distribution of surplus-value

Holds backward countries as they were?

Deterioration of the distribution of income

Impasse of petty-bourgeois critics

Does colonialism rise again

Beware of distortion

Ambidextrous moves of capital

A new stage beyond imperialism?

Nation-state being exceeded?

Declining tendency of clash of arms?

Struggle for hegemony

Period of prolonged crisis

End to empire of lies!