May Day Message to IRMT

Dear comrades of IRMT,

We are passing through times when the bourgeoisie intensifies its attacks and capitalism, which is a quagmire of crisis, war, unemployment and poverty, turns the world into a hell for the working masses. Ruling classes of Iran and Turkey are also among the hounds of this hell. They are directly part of the imperialist war in order to grab shares in the Middle East and open new spheres for capital. To build the joint struggle of all the peoples of the Middle East against this system of exploitation, oppression and plunder is surely on the shoulders of the communists of the region.

Through revolutionary struggle we are to mount in international unity and solidarity we will surely overthrow this system of exploitation where servitude of humanity and build a classless world without exploitation.

With the fighting spirit of May Day that unites the world working class as one voice, one heart and with our revolutionary feelings we salute you.

Long live May Day! Long live socialism!

Long live world revolution!

Marksist Tutum